Cameras and lenses are a part of my toolbox, along with software, printers, paper, etc. etc. They are the tools, but it is composition, effective use of color or black and white, and/or the story behind the work that are most important. Cameras have evolved to the point where detailed technical specifications are now not as important to me as the joy and ease of use of the products.  As they say, if you don’t take the camera with you or don’t enjoy using it, you will make fewer images. That’s not good if your photography is for enjoyment or if you show your work in galleries, as I do.

But one photography company has changed the way I work – for the better.  I have always been passionate about making images, but switching to FujiFilm products has made me even more passionate about it.  I rarely leave the house without my trusty X100F and/or X-Pro2 and before this year, their previous generation products.  I have just about every FujiFilm fixed lens (they are small and of the highest quality) along with a couple of their zoom lenses.

Camera manufacturers talk a lot about specifications – 24, 36, 50 megapixels, great video, etc. Of course that’s important for their marketing, sales and research efforts. Fair enough. But FujiFilm products can match those tech specs and produce, in my opinion, the best color and black and white images for the type of work that I do.

And thanks to FujiFilm, I enjoy making that work more than ever!