Large prints have a certain appeal, especially if your work is going to be shown in a fine art gallery. What’s a large print? That’s subjective, and it’s generally defined by the viewer or purchaser’s perception and where it is going to be displayed.

I typically use an Epson 3880 printer, which has an upper limit print size of 17×22 inches.  My images fit nicely into that space. I also print in the square format and 16×16 inches plus a mat works well in a 20×20 inch or slightly larger frame.

However, I have been asked to produce larger prints of at least 20×30 inches in size.

i recently met with the staff at Picto – a printing service that has been around for a long time, that just opened up in New York – my home base.

i looked at their papers and quality and was pleased to hear about their customer service attitude. So I will try them out (and free up more of my time for picture taking)!

Check out their services at